Class Information:

Annabel's Zany Holidays Journey!

Instructor Annabel Haines is about to take you on a zany journey month to month showcasing some "not" as celebrated holidays during the year!

Its all about Boba Tea!!

Class #4 in the series

This class is taught with Polychromo Colored Pencils ONLY. The image is a digital download, therefore making the class more affordable and available to more people that wish to learn colored pencil techniques!

This class will include the digital download of the Chibi Girl sitting in the Tiger Cup!

You may opt to purchase other items needed in the class to create the card, as we will offer special discounts for each holiday class.

These items are OPTIONAL to you only if you wish to create the exact card as in the class, otherwise, you will ONLY be receiving the digital image and the video instructions on the coloring and card assembly.

NO kit is mailed to you for this class. All items are purchased SEPARATELY on our website,

Optional Items for purchase 

please refer to class materials list below for items needed - YOU WILL RECEIVE a DISCOUNT CODE in conjunction to purchasing this class when you buy the optional materials.

fun fur texture

shine and reflections

stenciled background